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Year-round houses

Single-and multi-family module houses are available from 38 m2 to 120 m2. Most of our summer homes can be made into a year-long version. Module houses are made from a frame construction with customized KVH structural load capacity. Equipped with a high-quality thermal insulation materials ensure they are low maintenance buildings. Set up with a complete electrical installation and water - sewage made based on branded installation materials can be used to create renewable energy and passive houses. In addition to the ready-made designs of modular homes, the client has the opportunity to create their own arrangement. Cottages are for all- year accommodation and are adapted to winter weather conditions. Module houses visually do not differ in appearance from the cottages, but structurally they differ greatly. They are made by using special technology that is also used in America and Scandinavia. They are prepared for the most difficult weather conditions.


Houses are offered in 3-versions;

  • Kasko- unfinished, closed
  • Compact – completely finished, unfurnished
  • Prestige-furnished, complete turnkey basis.

We have a wide range of module homes. The module homes are designed with a view to their practical, functional, comfortable and safe use. Homes meet all the requirements of Polish building codes and are built with the latest technology used by Scandinavian countries, Canada and the U.S. We improved, thanks to the constant analysis with Western architects, who work every day on the development of future buildings.

An important, positive aspect of all- year modular homes, built with a framework is healthy, stable and relatively cheap cost of construction. You will not find constant problems with moisture, encroaching through the base of the building as of houses made of brick. (You can see these common symptoms during the winter season). Module homes are healthy for you and the environment and for that you may dwell in them right away. With short realization deadlines, one may avoid stress and wasted time looking for another company that will perform the following steps.

Our houses are often delivered in its entirety as a finished module and in one day you have your own house. A Home you have dreamed of for years. Are you afraid of the new building solutions? - You have nothing to worry about. Look at the Scandinavian countries or the people who live in southern Poland. They live there for hundreds of years in their wooden houses, despite the often harsh mountain weather.

Every house made by us has a complete construction project for approval on your lot.

Prices for all-season houses vary depending on the model, size and degree of finish and start from 1450 zł per m2 plus tax.

In addition to ready-made designs of houses, we also produce individual projects upon request. We always offer advice on technical and visual issues. We will help you with your project.

We recommend the possibility of using renewable energy and the creation of passive houses (self-sustaining).
All year round ready-house projects are available for inspection at our manufacturing facility in Sierakowo.

Do not wait any longer and ask for an offer on your dream home today.


Here are the photos of houses made for our customers.
Have a nice time viewing.

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