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Utility Buildings

Floor area of a building from 10m2 to 70m2.

Utility building is a perfect storage area for tools, grill, bikes and other objects. They work well with any house, and they can match it surroundings perfectly, utility building can also be an interesting addition to the garden.
The buildings are made with high-quality materials and they do not require any renovations or repairs for many years.
Utility buildings are also suitable for unexpected guests as guestrooms. (KAMARAD).After all privacy is priceless.

Designed to last for many years.

Get rid off unnecessary things from your home and utilize them in your new utility building.



DEPSAN Sp. z o.o. ul. Głogowska 31/33, 60-702 Poznań, tel. 61 646 77 11, kom. 667 365 906
realizacja: Studio Fabryka